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Nature Walks

We always try to stay close to nature where learning takes place entirely in the outdoors and in the natural environment of our community. With a focus on using the natural world as a classroom, our nature walks offers many benefits. Being physically active outdoors, children develop self-awareness and self-regulation while increasing curiosity and imagination. Children connect themselves to the authentic offerings of the nature around them which is alive with opportunities for natural problem-solving. We ask the children to build a den, a home for a tortoise, transport all the sticks across the site, or find as many brown and red objects as they can. They discover their own capabilities by analysing and measuring the risk involved. By taking healthy risks they gain self-esteem and create true learning experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Taking risks in a safe environment builds confidence and valuable life skills. Children learn self-regulation and can estimate “How high is too high in this tree?” or “How fast can I run and still stop quickly?” We believe that allowing children independence, sends the message that, “we trust you!”.

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