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Swedish Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We work according to the Swedish preschool curriculum and offer a safe and healthy environment that fosters children’s physical, intellectual, psychological, social, emotional and creative development. Democracy forms the foundation of the nursery. It should promote all children’s development and learning, and a lifelong desire to learn. The nursery actively and consciously influence and stimulate children into developing their understanding and acceptance of democratic values and practices.

Our Belief

We believe that all children are unique and develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. We therefore follow up on a child’s development through individual detailed observations and documentation of learning instead of having strict assessments and developmental guidelines which only puts pressure on the child.

Our aim is to strengthen the child’s self-esteem by creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. When developing warm relationships with children, adults create a climate in which children feel confident to take on new challenges and will be able to see mistakes as part of their learning process.

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