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Learning Community

At Art Village Nursery, we believe that children grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically through both their relationships and their community. That is why we value community involvement and parents as partners. For children, a sense of belonging brings a connection to both their surroundings and their own unique place in their family and in the world. The Art Village learning community shares common goals and ideas, while learning from each other. We believe the learning community brings a more inclusive atmosphere where children are valued and heard. Inviting the parents to meet up on the beach for an early morning mindful gathering on the occasion of “World’s Family Day” or children participating in the Nature Walks where they connect with the surroundings are some of the examples of our community-based learning.



Parent Council
We are delighted to have a proactive and enthusiastic learning community. We have a Parent Council who are passionate about their role. The objectives of the Parent Council are to engage and involve families as partners in education and promote positive change at the nursery. Additionally, they aim to develop collaborative networks and work together to deliver a calendar of social and learning events. 

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